Who Benefits From An Eye Loss Story

Writing down your eye loss story is a powerful way of helping yourself adjust.

I learnt this at Australian Ocularlists Association training last week-end in Fremantle.

Pychologist Michael Tunnecliffe shared some insights from his thirty years of speaking with people after traumatic events.

In his work he has counselled miners, police, ambulance officers, bank tellers after robberies, fire fighters and amputees.

He explained that putting images and feelings into words can help people come to terms with their experience.

This in turn assists in the personal and physical adjustments that may be needed to after a major loss.

I encourage you to consider the option of putting pen to paper. You may find it a valuable personal exercise whether you share your story or not.

One client of ours wrote fifteen handwritten pages over three days. He said that even though he lost his eye sixty years ago the process of telling his story had been very helpful.

I recommend people write a full story just for themselves. If they wish to share that with a wider audience they can then edit a second version suitable to publish on our website.

People will benefit from reading your story – there is no doubt about that. However, in the first instance we really want you to do this for yourself.

More information on Emotional Response To Eye Loss.

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