Stories About Artificial Eye Makers

We love stories and we hear lots of them.

Some of our clients had their first artificial eye made over eighty years ago. They have wonderful tales about early ocularists and how it was to have an artificial eye.

This has prompted us to start a project to gather the History of Ocularists in Australia. Paul discussed the project launch in a recent ABC radio interview with James O’Loghlin. In the interview Paul also describes the process of making an artificial eye and the difficulties some people experience in the early days of having a new eye. The transcript is well worth a read.

Back to our history project. You can read some extracts from what we have gathered so far on our History page. If you have information relating to eye making in Australia we would be excited to hear from you. We have also started a search for a volunteer historian to help us collect and organise the history.

Does that sound like something you would enjoy? Please let me know if it is.

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