Jenny Geeland on Can We Help?

If you watched ‘Can We Help‘ on ABC, you might be wondering who Jenny Geeland is. Well, its little old me, Jenny Geelen.

The filming was great fun. But hard to keep a straight face with Peter Rowsthorn pulling faces all the time.

Most enjoyable.

More information on Artificial Eye Facts.

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  1. Avatar for Nicole (mum to Jayde 7) Nicole (mum to Jayde 7) says:

    Jenny I just watched your u tube on your website, it was great! People often ask me how Jaydes eye is made & what shape it is etc, they are aways surprised to learn that it is not round! I will now be emailing them the link so they can watch it themselves.
    And Peter Rowsthorn is a funny man!
    Cheers Nicole

  2. Avatar for Ann Marie Sullivan Ann Marie Sullivan says:

    What should I do in the case of putting the prosthetic eye drops (OCU-GLIDE) in my real eye. The label says this is a No-N0. Will this affect the vision in my “real eye”? I have washed the eye out with saline solution. Please respond ASAP!

    • Avatar for Jenny Geelen Jenny Geelen says:

      Hi Anne, I do not believe there are any long term side effects, however I will ask the manufacturers for more information. The short term side effect is that the eye becomes smeared with silicon oil and it makes your vision blurry. Rinsing immediately with Saline would also have been my response.

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