How To Save Yourself Time & Money With A New Artificial Eye

You can really help your ocularist by giving them a full set of relevant facts before you see them.

Let them know the state of your eye prosthesis and socket, the age of the artifical eye and any medical complication you are currently experiencing.

Is there pain, discharge or any other difficulty?

This might really help save your time, money and possibly frustration.

This was bought home to me recently when things got a little complicated with a new eye project. 

A woman came to see us from interstate.  I recommended  a good local ocularist but she was keen on travelling to see us.

It wasn’t until she got here that I discovered that her artificial eye was an old glass eye.  She also had an infection as a result of a scratch on the cornea.

This meant that she needed medical attention and healing time prior to working on the eye.  As eye tissue has it’s own schedule for healing, she needed to stay for a couple of weeks.

It was a struggle to make the new prosthesis as the eye socket was hyper-sensitive.

Now she is back home and has gone back to wearing the old glass eye,   convinced that she is allergic to the acrylics of her new prosthesis.

It is disappointing that we didn’t have time to work on the new prosthesis after everything had settled. 

Hopefully, this client will return to us in the next few months.

I am sure that as the socket is completely settled now we will be able to create an amazing prosthesis for her.

This is a really good example of how a full set of facts might have saved this woman a lot of incovenience and possibly led to a better outcome.

So try to give your ocularist a full of set of facts.  This will help us get you the very best result.

More information on Artificial Eye Facts.

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  1. Avatar for keith willy keith willy says:

    I am currently having problems with eye prosthesis, I have had 2 different people try to make a new prosthesis, the first man that made one was a dissaster, the colour was wrong the eye was uncomfortable and the discharge after four hours was rejecting the eye from the socket. the second man that made a replacement also made the current prosthetic, after two attempts at making the eye, the first was totally wrong in colour and fit he made another, this was a little uncomfortable for a week and discharged.
    After altering it slightly it felt a little better then began to discharge and after a week of puting up with it it was so bad that I thought the implant was going to get infected. I put the old prosthetic back after washing the socket with saline and had to use antibiotic cream.
    The eye settled and after a week was back to a reasonable level of comfort with hardly any dicharge, but I was left with my old eye which has the wrong gaze and colour.
    After another week I gave the new prosthetic a second go, within four hours the lids were sticking together the eye was discharging severaly and was very sore.
    Back to the old eye again which is now settling.
    As it is Xmas holiday time I cant talk to the prosthetic maker for another week. I am very dissapointed with the eye makers here in NZ.I also believe that there may be a problem with materials (plastics) and also that people making eyes are not doctors and usually are dental prosthetic technitions. I think care must be made to fitting and to the tear ducts making contact with the prosthesis. I would like to talk to a specialist and maybe I will have to go to Australia to have an eye made.
    I would like to hear back from you and welcome a blog site so that other wearers can feed opinion, after all if your eye is not comfortable it is exhausting to the wearer.

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