Does Having An Artificial Eye Change Your Love Life?

Will I still be attractive?  Will any one want to marry me?    Thes are some of the major worries that people have when they lose an eye.

It is understandable that people feel that way.  Any sudden change in a physical appearance can have a dramatic effect on morale.

Any one who has had a pimple, a haircut, a black eye knows how self conscious such a change can make you feel.

For you it is the most obvious thing you see when you look in the mirror.  It can be a big surprise then when no one else notices.

A well fitted artificial eye does not not look like an artificial eye.  Mostly people would never know you are wearing an artificial eye unless you told them.

We have just published a new story called “I’ve Been Proposed To Five Times”  

In this story Frances tells us she was worried no one would want to marry her because of her artificial eye.

If you are worried about the effect of eye loss will have on your love life – you are not alone. Many people tell us they have this concern.  

Like Frances, these people have found that they needn’t have worried.



More information on Emotional Response To Eye Loss.

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  • Stories of Eye Loss - Adults

    Maureen Muskett - It’s Alright

    I lost my eye as a child in the bombing of London in 1940. I didn’t meet anyone else with an artificial eye until I was an adult. I was very honest with people when I met them. If I noticed that people were studying the eye I just told them. “ That is my war wound”.
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  • Stories of Eye Loss - Kids

    Anita Gill - Truly Blessed

    Halfway through the story, Mum covered my left eye with her hand and asked if I could see how many fingers she was holding up. I replied of course I couldn’t, moved her hand and then supplied her with the correct answer. She tried again, just to receive the same answer from me. ... This was the catalyst that made her question the sight in my right eye.

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