Art Eyes WA, Ten Pin Bowling Social Event

Paul Geelen at the Bowling EventOn Saturday, eighty people turned up for a fun-filled afternoon of ten pin bowling.

Jenny originally suggested we organise the day for teenagers who can be more reserved about their artificial eye. While we opened the day up to people of all ages the teenagers did get together for a game.
We allowed people to form their own groups for bowling. As a result some interesting people came together and new friendships were forged. I have to confess that I played a shocking game, I was lucky to spare the last frame to nudge the one hundred mark by the end. Jo, the main organiser, bowled a great game with a score of one hundred and thirty nine. Good bowling, Jo.

There was only one close call when three-year-old Joey decided he wanted to take off down the lane. He raced down to the skittles and grabbed one just as the guard was coming down on his arm. Luckily, the machine was switched off in time and Joey wasn’t hurt. Perhaps he was taking one of the skittles home as a trophy for his Mum!

All in all, the day was a great success, with plenty of food and good company. It’s not easy to talk about eye loss and artificial eyes with people who aren’t in the know. It is easy to feel like you are the only one. This was a supportive and relaxed forum for talking openly about issues regarding artificial eyes. While it was the artificial eyes that brought us all together some people chose not to talk about eyes. It was just good for them to see other people with artificial eyes getting on and enjoying themselves.

Thanks to Jo for all her hard work in organising the day, and thanks to all who came along.

More information on Support For Eye Loss.

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