Scoop – Spring 2009

“For many, the trauma of losing an eye can be as overwhelming emotionally as it is physically. Enter Perth ocularists Paul and Jenny Geelen; they make artificial eyes with sublime skill, but this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to caring for their clients. ”
Scoop Magazine, Spring 2009.

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Eye story

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  • Adjusting to Eye Loss Mind Map

  • Stories of Eye Loss - Adults

    Maureen Muskett - It’s Alright

    I lost my eye as a child in the bombing of London in 1940. I didn’t meet anyone else with an artificial eye until I was an adult. I was very honest with people when I met them. If I noticed that people were studying the eye I just told them. “ That is my war wound”.
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  • Stories of Eye Loss - Kids

    Anita Gill - Truly Blessed

    Halfway through the story, Mum covered my left eye with her hand and asked if I could see how many fingers she was holding up. I replied of course I couldn’t, moved her hand and then supplied her with the correct answer. She tried again, just to receive the same answer from me. ... This was the catalyst that made her question the sight in my right eye.

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