eBook: Stories of Eye Loss

Paul and Jenny Geelen, Artificial Eyes - Stories of Eye Loss
We have collected stories from a range of our clients who have lost an eye and are willing to share their experiences with others. The eBook is available for individual use free of charge for a limited period, and we also offer a licensed version for Surgeries or Hospitals.

If you are coping with eye loss, these stories may help for different reasons:

  • you no longer feel so alone.
  • you can be comforted and inspired by the positive recovery of others.
  • you can find out what life can be like with an artificial eye.
  • you can enjoy the humour that some people have chosen to make a part of their response.
  • you can get a picture of your own positive future.

As one of our clients said

“When I heard that there were stories from people who had also been through eye loss I had to read them. After I read them, I knew I would be alright.”

Stories of Eye Loss is available online

Stories of Eye Loss is available in e-book form, as a PDF document. So you can download the eBook and read it on your computer, or print it out.

If you are a family member supporting someone dealing with eye loss in hospital, you might print it out and take it to them.

Here’s how to get your eBook

Select the type of licence you want. For individuals, the Individual Use version of the eBook can be downloaded at no charge. To purchase a multiple use copy for a surgery or a clinic/hospital, a 10 Copy licence or a Site Licence may be appropriate.

If you are purchasing a licence, pay for the book using a credit card using the secure PayPal option. You don’t need to be a member of PayPal to use this service. We don’t record any of your personal or credit card details. Our PayPal vendor name is Allwest Management.

Once you start the payment process, you will be asked to choose the number of licences you wish to buy. Enter 1, unless you wish to purchase multiple copies of the selected licence.

Purchase your e-book, and then choose to return to this site (follow the AllWest or Geelen link). You will see an icon of the eBook. Right click on the book icon and choose where you want it put on your computer.

The file is about 3 Megabytes in size, and may take several minutes to download.

When the download has completed, double click to read or print. If you do not have a program on your computer that lets you read PDF files, you may download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader from www.adobe.com

Licensing options

Individual Version Free Download
Surgery (10 Licence) Version $80 AUD

Hospital (Site Licence) Version $195 AUD

You may also read Stories of Eye Loss here on our web site.