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Stories of Eye Loss: Personal Perspectives about Artificial Eyes and Recovering From Eye Loss
Collated by Paul and Jenny Geelen, 2007.

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Paul and Jenny Geelen, Artificial Eyes - Stories of Eye Loss

  • Adjusting to Eye Loss Mind Map

  • Stories of Eye Loss - Adults

    Steve L - A One Eyed View of Biking

    Not long after I started riding again, I went on a rally and had quite a bit of trouble piloting the GSX home in the dark. It was dead scary but I got there in the end. One advantage of losing an eye was that i got to wear a black leather eye patch for quite a while. Weirdly enough it made women take more of an interest in me.
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  • Stories of Eye Loss - Kids

    Heath Elkington - A Dad’s Story

    We made contact with every other family we could find with bilateral retinoblastoma. They were all happy to talk to us and it really helped.
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