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 13th of November 2013

“Can We Help”

ABC Chanel 2

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Jenny Geelen

Jenny Geelen

Vote of Confidence for New Eyes

Sunday Times November 2009
This is a profile story about the work Paul and Jenny do in their international clinics as well as introducing a young man who lost his eye after an assault.
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More Than Meets The Eye


Scoop Spring 2009
This is a profile story about the work Paul and Jenny and how important talk can be in the creation of a prosthetic eye.
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Paul and Jenny Geelen profiled in mivision: The Ophthalmic Monthly. September 2007


Through an Ocularist’s Eye. There is more to ocular prostheses than meets the eye. We delve into the mysterious world of artificial eyeballs.

Jenny Geelen interviewed by Peter Rowsthorn, ABC1 TV, June 2008.

A viewer of Can We Help asked the question – are artificial eyes still made of glass. Peter Rowsthorn visited Jenny and got a ‘third eye’ made of acrylic.

Can We Help (ABC TV) web page.

Paul Geelen interviewed by James O’Loghlin, ABC Radio, February 2007.

Interview by: James O’Loghlin
James was intrigued by the story of the 4,800 year old artificial eye found in Iran. Wanting to know more about how artificial eyes are made today, he interviewed Paul … (read more in the interview transcript)

Coral Eyeball Colours Boy’s Life.

By: Carmelo Amalfi.
If you can guess which eye is false, Michael Stavretis, will proudly show you the stud in his coral eyeball … (read more)

A New Eye

By: Marissa Williams.
For the 50 or so West Australians who lose an eye through injury or disease each year, the work of an ocularist can make all the difference. Fifteen-month-old Riley … (read more)