Why Artificial Eye Care Is Still Important in Palliative Care

I’m up at the Darwin clinic at the moment and this time round it’s been very quiet.

This has worked well as I have been able to spend some time with a patient who is in palliative care.

I was very heartened that he was referred by the eye clinic despite his prognosis.

It’s impressive that this man’s needs are considered a priority despite him being bed ridden.

His current prothesis was very small and old. This was creating a discharge which was distressing to the patient and his visitors.

His new prothesis has improved both his appearance and morale.

Although he is unable to speak he wrote on a piece of paper that this had made his day.

Appearance plays a big role in how people feel.

I am so pleased that other health professionals feel the way I do.

They have made this man’s feelings a priority and I just think that is so cool.

More information on Emotional Response To Eye Loss.

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  1. Avatar for CareSearch CareSearch says:

    I realise this post is a few months old but I just stumbled across it in a search for palliative care.

    You are making a valuable point, and in fact, your post sums up palliative care as a whole: its purpose is to improve the quality of life for the dying. Even though that man was bedridden, his quality of life was affected by the old artificial eye. It is wonderful to hear that he colud get prompt help with the issue.

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