Putting The Life Into An Eye Prosthesis

“I’m relieved to see that you are not as sinister in real life as you are in your website photos”  That is what a new client told us this week.

Paul and I were amused as we had actually gone to some trouble to have photos taken that would look professional, demure and the like.

We don’t usually get that response from our website.   Usually it acts as a bit of an ice breaker for us.  People feel like they have already met us.

While we have very high standards for our work, we do try to keep the atmosphere pretty relaxed in our clinic.  There are children who come and go so we have toys about the place.

There is also a ukulele and a guitar in our lunch room which we bring out if we know our client is musically talented.  I’m a keen uke player and often have sing-a-longs with clients.

We like clients to feel at home here.  Sometimes a client might bring in their cherished doggie friend.  What is important is that our clients feel relaxed when they are here.

If a person is relaxed it helps us animate an eye prosthesis into life when painting it.

So if you agree with our new client that we look a bit shifty please let us know.  It might be time to update our photos!

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