Overcoming Eye Loss With Humour

Jean Hartz was a young mother with three children when she was diagnosed with a tumour in her eye. Humour and a matter of fact approach to life helped her deal with her eye loss, as she tells her story in “Keep Busy”. I admire Jean’s positive approach to life and her story is certainly an inspiring read. What strategies did you use to get through your experience of eye loss? If this is something you would like to share, I would certainly be pleased to hear from you.

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  • Stories of Eye Loss - Adults

    Lloyd Daniels - It Hasn’t Affected My Bowling At All

    I don’t feel sorry for myself anymore. I keep thinking - this is what’s happened and I am going to get on top of it. I feel determined not to let one eye change my life. I am back playing indoor cricket. It hasn’t affected my bowling at all.
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  • Stories of Eye Loss - Kids

    Anita Gill - Truly Blessed

    Halfway through the story, Mum covered my left eye with her hand and asked if I could see how many fingers she was holding up. I replied of course I couldn’t, moved her hand and then supplied her with the correct answer. She tried again, just to receive the same answer from me. ... This was the catalyst that made her question the sight in my right eye.

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