Why You Should Never Wrap Your Artificial Eye In A Tissue

If you have an artificial eye you should be nervous about tissues.

No, it’s not that they sometimes shed fibre – which they do.  Kleenex are terrible.  Scotties used to be the best.  Now I rely on generic brands because they are not so fluffy.  You don’t want to leave fluff when you are wiping an artificial eye.

I digress.  The true reason tissues are scary is that they can so easily become the final resting place for artificial eyes.  Let me tell you how it happens. 

You take your eye out and wrap it in a tissue.  You leave it somewhere – on a shelf in the bathroom, in the car or by the bed.  Not long after along comes the resident house elf to clean up.  Wave good-bye now. Your eye being tossed in the rubbish.  That is what people do with used tissues, right?

This is a very sad but true tale.  We’ve blogged about it before.  Someone was reading our book of old blog posts and chuckling only this week.  They were reading our post When Artificial Eyes Go Missing.

Only hours later the phone rang.  Same story.  That old serial killer of artificial eyes had struck again.

It’s Spring here – maybe it is Autumn where you are.  Sneezes, dust, wind, pollen – all these raise the chances you’ll be reaching for the old Kleenex. 

Remember my story.  Keep your eye close and never, ever wrap it in a tissue. 

More information on Artificial Eye Facts.

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  1. Avatar for Anna Ross Anna Ross says:

    OMG I was just reading the eye in the tissue section you wouldn’t believe how many times that has happened to me, my husband throwing the tissue in the bin with my eye in lol, I didn’t realize how common that is until now. Ive have searched for it twice in our otto bin have thankfully found it

  2. Avatar for Alex Alex says:

    Exact thing. Shouldn’t have left it in the bathroom in a tissue.
    Good to hear I’m not the only one 🙂

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