Lloyd’s Story – It Hasn’t Affected My Bowling At All

Lloyd Daniels lost an eye in an horrific accident at work. He was teaching someone how to change a tyre when the tyre lever flew up into his face.

He experienced many emotions after the loss of his eye, reaching a point where he knew he was in danger of giving up. But his determination to get moving again was so strong that he made it back to work and even picked up his favourite sport, indoor cricket.

For an incredible story of perseverance and self-belief, read Lloyd’s story.

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    Not long after I started riding again, I went on a rally and had quite a bit of trouble piloting the GSX home in the dark. It was dead scary but I got there in the end. One advantage of losing an eye was that i got to wear a black leather eye patch for quite a while. Weirdly enough it made women take more of an interest in me.
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    Jayde (my daughter) can see colours and make out some shapes. She loves dancing, swimming, and has lots of nice friends at school. Jayde gets around with Miss Candy, her pink and green cane.
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