Eye Loss from Retinoblastoma

The diagnosis of retinoblastoma is devastating for parents. Their young child is in danger from cancer. There may be a sense of urgency. Surgery to remove the eye may be necessary. Loretta McIntyre was five years old when a specialist visiting her remote community arranged an emergency evacuation to Perth to have her eye checked. Jillian, her mother, tells “A Story About Loretta”. Jillian’s story illustrates something which we often see in our clinic. Young children adjust very quickly to their new circumstances brought about by eye loss. The journey of recovery parents is far more complex. I am very grateful to Jillian for sharing her story.

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  • Stories of Eye Loss - Adults

    Alan Harrison - A Changed Outlook

    During the fitting I was asked why I had retained my natural eye and had not had it removed. I explained that the specialist I saw when it first happened recommended I keep my natural eye as long as possible. That started the cogs working. When the scleral cover rejected I started to go down the track of having it removed and a prosthetic fitted. .. [my new artificial eye] has changed my whole outlook on life.
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  • Stories of Eye Loss - Kids

    Nicole Abbott - Seeing Better

    Jayde (my daughter) can see colours and make out some shapes. She loves dancing, swimming, and has lots of nice friends at school. Jayde gets around with Miss Candy, her pink and green cane.
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