Eye Loss from Retinoblastoma

The diagnosis of retinoblastoma is devastating for parents. Their young child is in danger from cancer. There may be a sense of urgency. Surgery to remove the eye may be necessary. Loretta McIntyre was five years old when a specialist visiting her remote community arranged an emergency evacuation to Perth to have her eye checked. Jillian, her mother, tells “A Story About Loretta”. Jillian’s story illustrates something which we often see in our clinic. Young children adjust very quickly to their new circumstances brought about by eye loss. The journey of recovery parents is far more complex. I am very grateful to Jillian for sharing her story.

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  • Stories of Eye Loss - Adults

    Lars Lindberg – Why Worry?

    It is definitely a loss and an inconvenience. But I’m better off than if I’d lost my leg. I think, why worry? I’ve got one foot in the grave anyway. Why worry? I am a lucky man. I am looked after.
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  • Stories of Eye Loss - Kids

    Anita Gill - Truly Blessed

    Halfway through the story, Mum covered my left eye with her hand and asked if I could see how many fingers she was holding up. I replied of course I couldn’t, moved her hand and then supplied her with the correct answer. She tried again, just to receive the same answer from me. ... This was the catalyst that made her question the sight in my right eye.

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