Easterly Winds Drive Artificial Eye Wearers Insane

It’s that time of year again for those of us in Western Australia. The howling easterlies, straight off the desert, have arrived, making their presence felt by many allergy sufferers.

And those with artificial eyes are not excluded from this debilitating condition.

Clients are literally streaming into our office, eyes itchy and teary, all with the same complaint: “It feels like I’ve got sand in my eyes!”.

For those of you who suffer at this time, we’ve got some suggestions that might help.

Visiting your ocularist for a polish often alleviates the scratchy feeling in the eye, as well as the other symptoms. Even though there’s usually no sign of a protein build up that we can see, the act of polishing removes any pollens that might be caught up in the tears. In our experience, we’ve found that this works for most of our clients.

Allergy eyedrops are also useful, both for the artificial eye and the real one. These eyedrops are available in all chemists and can be bought over the counter. After instilling the drops, you can cover your eyes with a cold flannel for ten to fifteen minutes to further calm the eyes and reduce the symptoms. Or if you don’t have any drops, just use the cold flannel technique.

So don’t put up with the constant itching and dabbing at watery eyes. If you havent’ tried any of these things, you’ve got nothing to lose and perhaps something to gain.

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