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On the 11th of May 2008 I am visiting Dubai to run a clinic fitting artificial eyes. It’s been a year since my last trip to Dubai.

The purpose of this visit is to promote the artificial eye service that we’re establishing in Dubai.

My first port of call is a meeting with ocular plastic specialists (ophthalmologists who perform plastic surgery) at Morfields Eye Clinic. Morfields is the largest eye clinic in London. A new branch has just opened in Dubai.

Having an artificial eye clinic based in Dubai – which I hope to attend twice a year – means that more people who live in the Middle East will have access to quality custom fitted artificial eyes.

Dubai is a major business centre, and is easily accessible to surrounding countries. In November
Dubai is Hosting the Middle East Ophthalmology Congress.
While I am there I plan to contact the organisation , and will offer my services as a guest speaker for their event.

Before returning to Perth, I’ll be dropping in to the Philippines for a week to continue the training with Owel Sabre. If you missed that post, you can read it here

Now that Owel has had plenty of practise making conformer shells, I’ll teach him the next step in producing artificial eyes: turning irises on a lathe.

And of course, while I’m away, Jenny will be back doing her eleven hour days!

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  1. Avatar for Natasha Natasha says:

    Hi Paul and Jenny

    You guys constantly amaze me – what you are doing is fabulous! Glenn and Julia often tell me about the things that you’re up to and of course, I read your blog.

    All the best for your trip to Dubai, Paul and Jenny, I’m glad it’s you and not me putting in the eleven hour days!!


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