Driving Blind

We’ve got a new little three door hatch for the office. Most people assume that smaller cars are easier to drive and park. I know I did.

Well was I in for a surprise. For a tiny little thing it is an absolute beast to park.

This got me thinking about how much harder it would be for folks with monocular vision. This particular car has a very small back window so you can’t see much. I find that changing lanes, parallel parking and reversing are made hazardous by blind spots.

So here is my advice for those of you thinking of down sizing for fuel economy. Make sure that during your test drive you attempt to park or try to reverse the vehicle. You might be shocked at the difference between different models.

Several of our clients have had larger mirrors attached to their cars. A couple have had an auto electrician install reversing sensors.

I wonder what you have found helpful? Drop us a line – it is always good to hear how other people have adjusted to driving with restricted vision.

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