Artificial Eye Support Group: Connecting People Via the Web

ArtEyes is an Australian based email network for people with artificial eyes.

It’s a safe place to air fears and concerns, ask questions or just get to know one another across vast distances.

Support for eye loss and living with an artificial eye isn’t readily available in Australia. ArtEyes aims to fill this gap.

It’s a group we endorse because our firm belief is that true understanding comes through personal experience and sharing.

The group can provide support throughout all the stages of eye loss.

Parents with a child facing eye removal can get support from other parents whose children have already undergone the procedure. In fact, anyone about to face the surgery can ask questions of their peers. For example, “what can I expect?”, “will it be painful?” and “what happens afterwards?” are fairly common questions.

When a new eye is fitted, there can be some anxiety about how the eye should behave. Understanding what is normal in the settling in period, and what to do if there’s a mucky discharge, can reduce stress levels.

Through the collective experience of the group members, advice can be sought on things out of the norm. For instance, how to convince young Rupert to keep his eye in. Well, maybe that’s not out of the norm!

And the group is also there to have fun. Members can share funny experiences they’ve had, including classic comments their kids and grandkids have sprouted.

If you’d like to join ArtEyes, go to the ArtEyes Australia home page where you’ll find instructions on joining.

More information on Support For Eye Loss.

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  1. Avatar for Valerie Valerie says:

    My name is Valerie Larsen and I’m 55 years old and have had my prosthetic eye since I was four years old. I’m trying to connect to other women who have had an artificial eye for a number of years. My lower lid is sagging and I’m curious if anyone has found a way to either fix this problem or improve it.

    • Avatar for Paul Paul says:

      Hello Valerie,
      There are a number of reasons that the lower lid could be sagging. It could be due to the shape of the prosthesis or it may be a physiological issue with the eye socket. You should first consult with your ocularist to see if reshaping the prosthesis can correct the issue. If this does not work you may require a surgical solution. For this you want to talk with an oculoplastics specialist. Without seeing you I can not give you a more specific answer however I hope this helps.
      kind regards, Paul Geelen (Ocularist)

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