Artificial Eye Clinic in East Timor Postponed

This week, Jenny was supposed to be in East Timor for an artificial eye clinic.

Sadly, with all the unrest in that part of the world, she has had to abandon her plans.

But all is not lost for the clients who were expecting to be fitted with their first artificial eye.

Jenny has moved to Plan B. Sitting in our lab in Perth are a dozen temporary artificial eyes waiting to be sent to East Timor. We painted them from photos of the intended recipients.

A temporary artificial eye can be made using photographs of the person’s face. The process is not ideal, but in circumstances such as in East Timor, there’s no choice. At least these people aren’t missing out on something they might have needed or wanted for quite some time.

The next East Timor clinic is booked for August this year. Jenny’s focus will be on making any adjustments to these temporary prostheses, as well as seeing new clients.

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