10th Annual ArtEyes WA Get Together

ArtEyesWA Annual Get TogetherWe’re very excited to announce our 10th Annual ArtEyes WA get together on Sunday 2nd November from 11.00am-3.00pm.

These are lovely events where people of all ages get together for a friendly family lunch.  In the past we’ve had picnics in the park. This year we’ve decided on an indoor event so that it doesn’t matter what the weather turns out to be on the day.

It’s always a challenge getting a lot of people together.  They haven’t met each other before and sometimes I feel nervous about how it’s going to work.  Every year it turns out to be a really positive experience.  This is especially true of people who have just lost an eye or are about to lose one.  They look around at the event and they can’t tell who has an artificial eye and who hasn’t.  For many it is the moment when they realise that their lives will go on and they’ll be ok.

I am also moved by the teenagers who turn up to these events and look around and see other teenagers.  You see that they realise others are on this journey and it doesn’t stop them looking great and having a good time.

Our invitations are  being posted out in the next few days.  If yours gets lost, or if you’ve moved to a new address please give me a call.  This is a catered event so it’s very helpful to know who is attending.

I really hope to see you there.

More information on Emotional Response To Eye Loss.

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  1. Avatar for Deborah Setterlund Deborah Setterlund says:

    Not to do with above but just saw a piece on ABC about your work and just want to say that your work is inspiring, amazing and humbling. Wonderful people doing a wonderful job – we need more stories like this to remind us the world is full of good people.

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